Ensuring worry-free payment processing for audio visual technicians

We make your payments our #1 priority.

About Us

Paytech Natiowide was established by AV Technicians who understand the need for independent contractors to get paid in a timely manner. Paytech Nationwide is a payment processing company developed to ensure prompt and accurate payments to technicians in the Audio-Visual Industry.

Paytech Nationwide acts as a 3rd party payment company. Upon receiving payment from our clients, Paytech Nationwide prioritizes technicians to be paid first before any funds are allocated otherwise.

Our Goal

Our goal at Paytech Nationwide is to prioritize payments to technicians, and ensure adequate liquidity to guarantee money earned by technicians is paid to technicians. Through our commitment to prompt and accurate payment, we strive to maintain positive relationships between our clients and technicians in the field.


How often should I invoice?

Invoices should be submitted at the conclusion of the event. All days worked on the event should be billed on one invoice. Each event should be billed separately.

What should I include on my invoice?

Your invoice should include the details of the event. Show Name, End Client, Dates Worked, Hours Worked, Position and Rate, and a Total Due.

Who do I make my invoice billable to?

Paytech Nationwide

Where do I send my invoice?

Do you provide direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is available. All direct deposits are done through Bill.com. You must first complete the new contractor paperwork which will be provided to you. After completion of the new contractor paperwork, you will receive an invite to sign up on Bill.com.

Contact Us

Any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding the services we offer, or regarding a recent event or payment status please email us at compliance@paytechnationwide.com and one of our staff members will assist you. You can also call us at: (469) 967-3984

Mailing Address

Paytech Nationwide, Inc.
3824 Cedar SpringsRd. #325
Dallas, TX 75219


Monday through Friday, 10 am-6 pm CST

Sample Invoice

Here is an example of the information required on an invoice.

Sample Invoice
Paytech Nationwide

Ensuring worry free payment processing for audio visual technicians.